emptying systems from viscotec

Before a product can be filled, mixed or dosed, it is often necessary to remove it from its original container. For ViscoTec, neither the size of the barrel nor its shape makes any difference here. We will make sure that you find just the right systems (barrel emptying system, barrel unloading, cans emptying, bucket emptying, cartridge discharge systems and many more) that are perfectly coordinated to your original pail and meet your exact requirements. For excellent emptying and supplying results.

Whether it’s a cartridge, tin, bucket or barrel: ViscoTec’s technology makes the emptying process easy. And with our accessories, barrel changes at viscosities of around 80,000 to 5,000,000 mPas are performed quickly, cleanly and in a way that is gentle on the product. Integrated into a dosing system, it is possible to not only empty containers but also to supply the application systems directly (filling fluids). And the residual quantity in your barrel is under 1% – guaranteed!

We would be delighted to find out which model best suits your production process. You can find detailed information in our ‘Emptying product overview’.

The ViscoTec emptying systems support the following applications:

  • removal of products directly out of the transport or storage container, for example: tomato paste, honey, fats, glacé icing, mascara, lip gloss, cremes, vaseline®, oinments, gels and a lot more
  • pressure regulated or level controlled feeding of the products to filling machines or mixing processes
  • direct dosing out of the bin (using a dosing control)


  • for medium to high viscosity products (up to 7,000,000 mPas!)
  • suited for abrasive, shear sensitive, solid loaded and lumpy media
  • neatly wiping of the inner barrel wall by the special lip seal of the follower plate
  • applicable at cylindrical, ribbed or slightly conical barrels, plastic drums or bins with inliner
  • no pressing of the product at the sides due to a nearly pressureless guiding of the follower plate
  • emptying speed electronically adjustable
  • simple handling
  • pulsation free conveying/emptying
  • residue in the barrel: < 1%
  • compact design
  • We would be delighted to advise you on the right pump type for your application.

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