Don’t leave the quality of your products to chance. Maximum reliability, a high level of quantity and form precision, plus the cost efficiency of your processes. These are the most important factors in production. Even a small deviation in dosing and dispensing quantity caused by a temperature-dependent viscosity change can lead to a huge amount of rejected material.

With our dispensers, we offer customers reliable, exact and automatic dosing & dispensing from a few microlitres to around 1 litre per second. Depending on the fluids and pastes. You can find detailed information in our “Dispenser overview”.

Applying and administering

Applying and administering

With ViscoTec dispensers you can achieve perfect administration and application. The special design and method of handling enable them to be easily integrated into robot and axis systems. Lightweight and flexible, ViscoTec dosing systems facilitate a quick change-over between dot application and bead application, irrespective of fluctuations in viscosity.

This results in the precise application (with a high level of repeat accuracy) of a very wide variety of media, such as adhesives and sealants, soldering pastes and heat transfer pastes, insulating varnishes or greases. In respect of bead applications, we achieve a consistent bead coefficient of under 2%, even with uninterrupted beads.

2-component dosing

ViscoTec Dispenser - 2part dosing and dispensing with ViscoDuo2-component dosing / dispensing

Nowadays a modern production without two-component materials is unimaginable. Particularly in the automotive industry, the electronics industry and the field of solar technology. But there is an increasing use of adhesives, sealants, fillers and insulation comprising two components (resin and curing agent), too. For example in the production of aeroplanes, HGVs, sports equipment, articles of daily use and even clothes.

Only when the two components are mixed in the correct ratio they cure and achieve their ultimate strength. At the time they are about to be used at the production site. The primary goal for the optimum automation of such applications is not only dosing precision or dispensing precision. But also strict adherence to the mixing ratio. With our special mixing head from our metering components we ensure that the exact mixing ratio is retained from the very start to the very end of the dosing procedure. Even where very small quantities are concerned.


ViscoTec Dispenser - potting


The potting of components is taking on crucial significance in more and more industrial fields.

In the automotive industry in particular, huge competitive pressure is resulting in new requirements. So in terms of the quality, resilience and, above all, the reliability and service life of components all the time.

The many years of know-how and the special technology which have gone into ViscoTec dosing systems and mixing systems enable us to meet the specific demands placed on the materials and systems used.



ViscoTec Dispenser - fluid deliveringDelivering

You want to fill high-viscosity and/or abrasive media from large containers into small pails? With ViscoTec metering systems / filling systems you can fill cartridges, tins or buckets reliably and in a way that is gentle on the product.

We are equipped to meet every challenge in the field of product delivery, as certain factors play a significant role in this area: For example, high temperatures during a hot delivery procedure or CIP and SIP require a good deal of know-how when it comes to selecting elastomers and seals. All our delivery systems can be used for semi-automatic and also fully automatic delivery tasks.


Process dosing

ViscoTec Metermix - dosing processProcess dosing

Continuous dosing, free of pulsation and constant even at variable back pressures – that is our speciality.

If the product is viscous, abrasive or contains solids too, or if it requires gentle dosing due to its shear sensitivity, our dosing pumps and mixing heads are your first choice.

We cover dosing flows of just a few μl/min up to several 1000 l/h. You will benefit from our experience in the plastics industry in particular, when it comes to dosing paints, nanosuspensions or additives.





Does your system contain a spray application which shows problems such as irregular delivery output, pulsation or fluctuations in viscosity? ViscoTec technology provides you with a system that facilitates an even volumetric output of the medium, irrespective of fluctuations in viscosity. ViscoTec redefines the term “volumetric spraying”: The symbiosis of volumetric dosing and spraying in one dosing/spray head. By regulating the dosing quantity, a constant layer thickness can therefore be ensured (at the same time as the quantity, for quality assurance measures) even if the painting robot has different traversing speeds.

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