New Technical Center Management

The technical center is an important institution at ViscoTec. In decision-making of our customers, we are not only a competent advisor with technical advice, but, depending on the task also with detailed experiments and tests.

That is why we have occupied our application technical center by Mr. Meuche as the new manager on March 1st 2014. Mr. Meuche was engaged in the previous company in the development of prototypes and can use his knowledge optimally in his new job.

With the in-house technical center, it is possible to determine the most suitable dosing system for our customers. We place a high priority on test series in which rheological properties and other viscous material properties are checked. The right material, how does the material react in the application, which cycle time can be realized and many other questions can be dealt with in our application technical center.

Thus, it is also possible for us to gain many experiences for later use in practice in advance.

Often it becomes apparent in the test series whether their aims can be achieved and with what capacity.

Different dosing systems for various experiments in our technical center are available. The focus is on experiments aimed at the 1-component and 2-component field.