Fitness Day

On 25 of February a Fitness and Health Day in collaboration with the FTZ Mühldorf (Fitness center) took place at ViscoTec. ViscoTec takes care of the health of its employees and is already active with various sports activities such as corporate membership in the FTZ, attending sport events such as corporate run or football competition and a regular health breakfast. The action “Fitness Day” wants the employees to be aware of their own health and to make health promotion within the company accessible and vivid to everybody.

We started with a health breakfast, in which all employees could properly help themselves. After everyone had strengthened, it continued with a presentation by Mr. Klaus Hornung, management FTZ, about healthy nutrition and generally about healthy living.

So it was not too theoretical, a cardiovascular stress test heated up the atmosphere. Therefore three parameters were measured: the resting pulse, the stress pulse and the relaxation pulse. To measure the stress pulse, all employees were allowed to make diligent squats. The measured pulse values are calculated by a simple process and finally evaluated.

In the afternoon we went on to the second part, a lecture about the topics of training / performance enhancement, stress management, depression, burnout and sleep problems. Mr. Franz Prost, management FTZ, clearly illustrated the lifestyle diseases and how to work against them with specific methods, such as Sports, nutrition, fasting cures, magnetic therapy, etc.

The fitness day was very well accepted among the staff …. not least because of the very tasty breakfast offer.


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