Art at ViscoTec

Since moving into the new building , the walls remained empty . Now numerous paintings of the Töginger artist Klaus Grimm brighten up our walls in all floors and the company building shines in a new light.

Already in the old building we were allowed to enjoy his art and admired his unique sculptures and paintings.

His work covers a wide spectrum, from wiry sculptures to large-scale, experimental, plastic works of art. In the development of its objects, the artist is concerned with the change and transformation of the materials used. Old wood, found objects from flea markets and metals, which are processed by special methods to accelerate the aging process, are major components of his work.

Klaus Grimm, who worked as a teacher at Comenius School for many years, has been found in the Töginger companies ViscoTec and Resch Maschinenbau a partner. They offer a platform to his art and in addition they assist it in processing and in the procurement of raw materials with  a helping hand to side.

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