Filling and applying

When it comes to dosing, conveying or barrel emptying / barrel unloading or cartridge unloading tasks involving food or food-based raw materials we succeed. Our strength lies in handling high-viscosity, solids-loaden material and shear-sensitive fluids, especially food. The products are conveyed and dosed in a way that is free of pressure surges and pulsation. All systems and foodstuff filling plants have been developed in accordance with standard food industry guidelines (EHEDG, FDA). Filling of various liquids with a food pump is possible (like milk, ketchup, mustard, sauce, jam, honey, yogurt, cottage cheese, aromatics, melted chocolate and many others).

Dosing honey

ViscoTec - table-dosing-system for honey paste foodComplete solution for dosing varying quantities of stringy honey – ViscoTec uses a table-top dosing unit with a hopper and a controller. Filling is started via a foot-operated button. The suckback at the end of the dosing process guarantees a defined break-off of the threads and a high level of accuracy. The filling quantities are adjusted on the controller’s control panel without any mechanical modifications. The system is easy to dismantle and clean.



Dosing salad dressing into tubular bags

ViscoTec - applying of salad dressingComplete solution for dosing salad dressings which contain lumpy ingredients.

The dressing is kept stored in a hopper. At the outlet of the dosing device is a filling device, which is mounted in the format tube of the vertical form fill seal machine. The filling device is sealed with a plunger after dosing in order to prevent the product from dripping. The dosing device and dosing organ are managed by the ViscoTec controller. The vertical form fill seal machine’s controller issues a digital “start signal” to the ViscoTec controller and receives a “finished” signal in return once dosing is complete.

Tomato puree – Barrel emptying

ViscoTec barrel emptying systems and industry pumps for food tomato puree eg
Extracting triple-concentrate tomato puree from industrial barrels and pumping it approximately 100 metres into a mixing tank: at the heart of this ViscoTec solution is the tried-and-tested ViscoMT-XL barrel emptying system. Tomato puree is extracted from the barrel and diluted with water straight after the barrel emptying station, thus lowering the product’s viscosity. Flow-dependent pressure losses, which result from the tomato puree’s initial high viscosity and the long line, are therefore reduced. A second pump conveys the product/water mixture through the pipeline.

Icing biscuits

ViscoTec Dispenser for robot dosing icing biscuits etc
Fully automatic, robot-assisted icing of biscuits. ViscoTec systems take over all icing handling tasks.

The icing mixtures of different colours are extracted from 50-litre stainless steel barrels using ViscoMT-XS barrel emptying systems and supplied to the dispensers via hose lines. The dispensers are mounted on robotic arms. The dispensers’ dosing speeds can be regulated by the automation company via an analogue signal. The simple signal exchange ensures that the dispensers can be implemented rapidly in a range of higher-level systems, such as the robots used here.

Supplying to an extruder

ViscoTec food supplying pump PTFE
Simultaneous and continuous supply of three different pastes to an extruder.

The ViscoTec solution consists of three dosing devices. In order to keep the pastes at a temperature of 60 °C during dosing, the pumps are designed with double walls and can therefore be heated. The internal sides of the pump housing and end connections can be PTFE-coated at the customer’s request. The controllers supplied regulate the speeds of the RD dosing device, depending on the instantaneous power of the extruder. Cleaning is performed via a CIP/SIP system.

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