ViscoTec Pumps & Applications

  • ViscoTec two component dosing system in a potting application


    ViscoTec manufactures dosing systems and dosing components for semi and fully automatic production facilities and assembly processes. We want to offer our customers precise, reliable, fast and sophisticated technology and view ourselves as belonging to the premium market segment. To this end, we continuously improve our products, bring new ideas to the market and place the utmost importance on quality and service.

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  • Antenna bonding with ViscoTec dispensing system - adhesive dispensing in automotive application


    From precise micro-dosing in the microlitre range through to speed-proportional bead dosing, from pot applications to two-component mixing applications, from high-precision delivery meeting the strictest hygiene requirements in the cosmetics or in the pharmaceutical industry and emptying barrels of semi-solid pastes – ViscoTec products cover a really wide range of applications.

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  • Honeycomb filling for the aerospace sector with ViscoTec dosing pump


    Our customers come from an extremely wide range of industries, such as automotive, aero- & astronautics, electronics, general industry, plastics, renewable energies, food, biochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or medical technology. You as the customer always benefit from using a technology which, in addition to its technical features, offers one other thing above all else: reliable, exact, fast dosing.

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