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Since our range of products covers a broad application spectrum, we have assigned our product categories to their respective business areas. Our core product, the Volumetric Conveying Dosing Pump, is integrated into different solutions and used for a wide variety of dosing applications.

Some typical features of our products and systems are:

  • pulsation-free flow rate
  • self-priming
  • pressure-variable dosing
  • dosing flows from 0,1 l/h up to several m3/h with accuracy to < 1%
  • easy to clean (CIP/SIP)
  • reversible dosing flow (therefore, return pumping possible)
  • no dripping of product
  • extremely gentle conveying
  • pressures up to 12 bar
  • dosing pump for up to 40 bar suction pressure with high-viscosity media
  • speed-proportional dosing flow





Positive Displacement Pumps

As ViscoTec Technology indicates, ViscoTec Dosing Pumps, or Viscose Pumps, are rotating Positive Displacement Pumps that convey the product from the suction side to the discharge side, building up a differential pressure in the process.

Piston Pumps

Our Piston Pumps are rotating Positive Displacement Pumps that operate on the principle of having an endless piston that produces the necessary flow and dosing characteristics needed to convey the products, and produce a constant dosing volume.

Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps use the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. They are one of the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid applications that require a certain viscosity. See our line of Positive Displacement Pumps for your application.

Dosing Pumps

Dosing Pumps are another form of rotating Positive Displacement Pumps operating on the
"Endless-Piston-Principle” of conveying the product from the suction side to the discharge side; producing a constant dosing volume.

Metering Pumps

Similar to applications using Dosing Pumps, or Progressive Cavity Pumps, Metering Pumps use continuous pressure to flow material at a precise speed which can be easily set or controlled, and eliminates dripping.

Abrasives Handling Pumps

Handling abrasive materials requires a special pump, as the abrasive material promotes pump wear.  Choose a ViscoTec pump specified for Abrasive Handling with proper speed and pump construction.

Flux Handling Pumps

Flux Handling Pumps are used in the food, cosmetic, and chemical industries to handle a variety of viscous materials.

Solder Paste Pumps

Solder Paste Pumps are designed to dispense solder paste when soldering or stenciling electronic components, etc.

Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pumps handle any slurry; defined as a fluid that contains more solids than water, and is merely a centrifugal pump with a recessed impeller in order to force the slurry mix through the system.

Drum Emptying Pumps

Drum Emptying Pumps handle a wide range of viscous fluids that need to be pumped out of Drums, and can be configured as single or double units to ensure continuous operation.

Drum Rams

Drum Rams, or Drum Emptying Pumps are used as container emptying solutions that are customized to match the original container.

Pail Pumps

A Pail Pump is another word in the industry for Drum Emptying Pumps for smaller containers.

Barrel Emptying Pumps

Barrel Emptying Pumps create a vacuum when they suction the sides of the barrel to create residue-free emptying.

Hobbock Emptying Pumps

Hobbock is a German word for “pail”.  Hobbock Emptying Pumps are suited for small containers, drums or barrels.

Single Shot Pumps

Single Shot Pumps are spring-returned piston-style pumps; hand operated for flexibility.

High Accuracy Pumps

ViscoTec’s high accuracy positive displacement pumps are specified when repeatable, highly accurate pumping is required.

Two Component Pumps

Modern production processes increasingly involve two-component materials, which require high quality and reliable Two Component Pumps and Two Component Dispensers.

Multi Component Pumps

Multi-Component Dosing Systems allow for precise dosing and mixing with more than one material.

Food Handling Pumps

Filling and dosing in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries is accomplished by the use of Food Handling Pumps.

FDA Pumps

FDA Pumps are ideal for food related applications that require sanitary conditions and strict processing requirements.

3A Pumps

ViscoTec provides pumps meeting 3A Sanitary Standards, or 3A Certified Pumps to boost product safety and ensure that all product surfaces can be easily dismantled and cleaned.

Potting Pumps

Potting Pumps are used for the process of pouring a material into an electronic device, and is held in place until it hardens; used primarily by the electronic and automotive industries.

Encapsulating Pumps

Encapsulating Pumps require a mold that allows the device to take shape after the injected material hardens.

Quick Clean Pumps

Quick Clean Pumps are designed for the Food & Pharma Industry for ease of disassembly and sterilization.

CIP Pumps

CIP Pumps are designed, like the Quick Clean Pumps, for “Cleaning in Place” to meet Food & Pharma regulations of food safety.

Progressive Cavity

A Progressive Cavity pump is a type of Positive Displacement Pump, and transfers fluid thru a series of small, fixed cavities as the rotor is turned, which makes it perfect for pumping of viscous materials.

High Viscosity Products

High Viscosity Product pumps are designed to continuously pump high viscosity products, commonly found in industrial processing, at a wide range of pressures and flows.

Two Component Dispensers

Two Component Dispensers are specifically designed to meter, mix and dispense very small shots or beads of two component material.

Clean in Place Pumps

Clean in Place Pumps are exceptionally easy to clean and eliminate contamination risks because nothing has to be removed from the pump during cleaning; which reduces operational downtime.

Drum Pumps

Drum Pumps are custom designed to handle your viscous fluid pumping needs to pump any type of fluid for your industrial needs.

Dual Drum Pumps

Dual Drum Pumps are able to perform the same tasks as Drum Pumps, but with 2 drums and added independent controls for custom control of viscous materials.

Dual Pail Emptying Pumps

Along with Dual Drum Pumps, Dual Pail Emptying Pumps are designed to match the original container and pump viscous material from 2 containers.

Micro Metering Pumps

Micro Metering Pumps are constructed so that pressure has little influence over the metering rate so that they have a consistent flow and accurate dose.

Bead Pumps

Bead Pumps are designed to precisely control the application of beads with high viscosity products.  Precision, reliability and product control is a must for industrial applications.

Micro Dosing Pumps

Micro Dosing Pumps allow for precise dispensing of small shots.  With ViscoTec’s PreeFlow Micro Dosing systems, the accuracy of the volume dosed is unaffected by temperature, pressure or viscosity.

Viscose Pumps

Viscose Pumps are designed to handle viscous liquids or fluids with high viscosity.

Continuous Pressure Pumps

Continuous Pressure Pumps are designed to pump material through at a consistent pressure by continually adjusting the speed of the motor to get the consistent flow that is required.

Variable Flow Pumps

Variable Flow Pumps are required in pumping applications with variable flow requirements.

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable Speed Pumps are able to use less energy when pump speed is reduced during periods of reduced demand.

2K Pumping Systems

2K Pumping Systems are Two Component Dosing Systems; customized to dose two component materials for specialized industrial needs.

Dosing Systems

Dosing Systems are customized to your industrial dosing needs, with custom configurations and specific viscous product requirements.

2K Potting Pumping Systems

2K Potting Pumping Systems use  2K / Two Component pumping technology to effectively pump viscous materials during the potting process for industrial applications.

Cartridge Fillers

Cartridge Fillers deliver accurate, air-free filling and are engineered to handle high viscosity materials such as adhesives, sealants, and pastes.

Cartridge Filling Machines

Cartridge Filling Machines offer accurate, void-free, bottom–up filling process for efficiency and consistency in industrial applications.

Cartridge Pumps

Cartridge Pumps, like Cartridge Fillers, are designed to deliver accurate, targeted filling results for viscous materials in industrial applications.

Static Mixer Pumps

Static Mixer Pumps mix two or more fluids together by agitation, or going thru the pump, to ensure even mixing for consistent application.

Hand Gun Pump

Hand Gun Pumps are used in manual, industrial applications for precise, manual control of viscous fluids.

Cart Mounted Pump

A Cart Mounted Pump can move around your site with ease; being portable and lightweight for your custom fluid application.

Dotting Pumps

Dotting Pumps use the same technology as Bead Pumps to produce beads of viscous material in industrial applications.

Product Conditioning Pumping System

Product Conditioning Pumping Systems ensure proper automated material conditioning for consistent dispensing.

Meter Mix Dispensing

Our Meter Mix Dispensing equipment can easily handle single thru multi-component materials for accurate and reliable dispensing.

Vacuum Degassing Systems

Vacuum Degassing Systems are used for encapsulation, and potting viscous materials like epoxies and urethanes, to create a perfect casting.

Epoxy Dosing Systems

Epoxy Dosing Systems use precise dosing of epoxies and resins for industrial potting and encapsulating applications.



Our Pumps in Action


Just some of our Pumps

We offer a variety of pumps inluding but not limited to:

Progressive Cavity,Eccentric Screw,Positive Displacement,Piston Pumps,Gear pumps,Dosing Pumps ,Metering Pumps

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