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ViscoTec Technology using The Endless-Piston Principle


ViscoTec dosing pumps or viscose pumps are rotating positive displacement pumps. Their operating principle can be compared with an endless piston that conveys the product from the suction side to the discharge side, building up a differential pressure in the process. This is achieved by means of an eccentric screw.

At the core of every application is a volumetric conveying pump. The interaction between an eccentrically moving rotor and a stator adapted to application conditions produces flow and dosing characteristics resembling those of an endlessly moving piston, as mentioned above.

This geometry ensures that, per rotation, a constant flow volume proportional to rotary angle is always produced. The flow direction is reversed by changing the direction of rotation. Volume is therefore clearly determined by degree angle. A further advantage of this technology is that a pressure-stable, linear pump characteristic curve is obtained. From these facts we can conclude that there is a definable ratio between rotation, time and flow volume. Therefore, these dosing pumps can produce a constant dosing volume via the parameters of time or rotation, when used in an application. This results in a guaranteed dosing accuracy of 1 % at the pump outlet (depending on the medium). This figure is often even better in practice.

An additional advantage is the discharge chamber that is created – its volume remains absolutely constant during the course of displacement. This leads to the possibility of conveying and filling media containing solids and even pieces.

Compared to other conveying methods, this pumping technology has even more advantages to offer.  For example, in over 95 % of all applications it is possible to eliminate filling and dosing valves completely, since the pump goes into reverse flow at the end of dosing, which breaks off the product thread or prevents any dripping. These pumps are also called progressive cavity pumps or in certain applications dosing pumps or metering pumps. Due to the technology employed or because of the principle as illustarted below, we also call our pumps continuous pressure pumps or product conditioning systems. As the material flow through these pumps is precisely determined by their speed, which can easily be set and controlled, they are also refered to as variable flow pumps or variable speed pumps. This in contrast to piston type pumps, where most of these factors cannot easily be changed.



Life-cycle Costs


Did you know?

There is always a lot of haggling over the purchase prices, but the product life-cycle costs a are generally ignored. Who likes to think about costs that could arise at some point later in the future? What matters here and now is the actual purchase price, i.e. getting the best you can at the cheapest price. But that is wrong!!!!

Compared to the operating costs, e.g. repairs, maintenance, energy costs or costs arising from machine downtimes or rejects, the purchase price only amounts to a maximum of ¼ of the total life-cycle costs. Therefore, the main focus should surely be on the costs that ensue as a result of the purchase and not the other way round.

If you make a false economy, you will likely regret it later. Payback time will come when the life-cycle costs rocket and everyone’s nerves are frayed. There are numerous other advantages over piston pumps, gear pumps, peristaltic pumps or load pumps.


Here ViscoTec can offer you the right solutions with many advantages, e.g.

  • lower repair costs due to system design with reserve capacity

  • few downtimes with highly wear-resistant component parts

  • fewer rejects thanks to highest precison and reliability

  • low energy costs as operation is completely electronic


In this way you not only opt for the technically better solution, but also the one offering the lower life cycle costs. Choose ViscoTec!


Our Pumps in Action


Just some of our Pumps

We offer a variety of pumps inluding but not limited to:

Progressive Cavity,Eccentric Screw,Positive Displacement,Piston Pumps,Gear pumps,Dosing Pumps ,Metering Pumps

Company Management

We are all the more pleased to be able to provide our employees with stability, security and, therefore, quality of life. We owe our success to our employees, who are a company’s most valuable asset. At all levels and areas they have shown commitment and motivation towards the well-being of the company.

Employee Benefits

One of the main reasons for ViscoTec’s success are our enthusiastic, conscienscious employees, who are dedicated to doing a good job. In return for motivation and effort, our interesting range of services offers something for everyone.


Our service is not limited to the delivery or successful startup of your product. If you have technical inquiries at any point during and after completion of your project, please feel free to contact us.

Our spare parts centre and excellently equipped factory will guarantee you a fast and reliable service should you require assistance or repairs.