We offer you ViscoTec products which optimise your process. This process equipment facilitates or improves the applications involved in your dosing process.

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  • The flowplus16 pressure sensor joined the ViscoTec GmbH product range in May 2013. The sensor ensures that your processes achieve maximum security for practically all applications where media are transported.

  • flowplus16 is a universal sensor for measuring the pressure of fluids and other media in dosing applications and primarily impresses through its special design featuring extremely small dimensions and a fluid area with no dead space.

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  • ViscoTainer

  • ViscoTainer – the multifunctional container system for dosing liquids in plastics processing. In our latest product, ViscoTainer, we have found a solution that makes it safer, cleaner and easier to handle liquids, particularly pigment pastes in the plastics industry.

  • ViscoTainer essentially comprises a plastic container with an integrated dosing/preparation function, which is ideally suited for dosing and transporting pigment pastes, additives or nanosuspensions, and a control and drive unit.

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  • We would be delighted to find out how you can optimise your production process.

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