The application range of our Products (Dispenser) includes also the following headwords:

    • Optics & photonics
    • Biochemistry
    • Photovoltaics
    • SMD / SMT
    • Semiconductor manufacturing
    • Medical Technology
    • LCD / LED
    • Laboratories
    • Electronic components

Application examples

preeflow® products offer the ideal properties to ensure that all relevant 1 & 2 component applications in several industries are perfectly dosed!

  • Bonding

    In the industrial world, the term of Bonding refers to join securely to something else, especially by means of an adhesive or chemical substance, heat or pressure. In our case, any combination of any type and roughness of materials could be joined together through the application of adhesives (adhesive dosing device). The bonding therefore replaces more traditional technics such as riveting or welding.

    • Max. particle size 1mm
    • Endless piston principle inside
  • Optical Bonding

    Optical Bonding is a process in which a clear adhesive is applied between the layers of glass in a touch screen display.

    The main goal of this bonding process is to improve the performance of the display when outdoors. This procedure eliminates the gap between the glass and the display. A great deal of importance is placed on dosing precision in the field of smartphone and tablet manufacturing in particular.

    • easy to integrate in machines
    • high repeatability mor than > 99%
    • reversible material flow
  • Conformal Coating

    A Conformal Coating is a protective coating which takes the form of a non-transparent or transparent varnish that is applied to all or parts of PCBs. The materials are usually high viscosity thermal or UV curing materials and are dosed onto the PCB using either a thin film or a thick film procedure.

    • bead Factor < 2%
    • no stringing, no dripping
    • independent of pressure, temperature and time
    • very wide viscosity range
  • Dam & Fill

    In Dam & Fill applications, the primary aim is to protect highly complex assemblies. Firstly, a high viscosity barrier, known as the “Dam”, is applied to the surface to be sealed.

    Then the adjacent area is filled with a filler which provides protection and sealing effect.

    • rapid dosing
    • pulsation free
    • liquids containing fillers
  • Glob Top

    Glob Top potting is designed to protect sensitive components, usually semiconductor chips, from mechanical stress such as vibrations or fluctuations in temperature. External environmen – tal factors too, like moisture or corrosion, are thus prevented from having an impact on the potted components. This effect is realised by applying a fluid resin matrix, mostly an epoxy resin adhesive, which is then cured.

    • gentle product handling
    • reproductible results
    • pure volumetric dosing
    • easy to clean
  • Underfill

    Underfill applications usually are used with isotropic conductive adhesives. In this case, the isotropic conductive adhesive provides the electrical connection from the microchip to the substrate. As this adhesive is not applied over the entire surface, after the thermally or UV curing process, another filling of the hollow space is necessary, the so called “Underfill”.

    • up to three shots per second
    • exact volume control
  • Micro Dispensing

    Micro Dispensing refers to the dosing of fluid media in volume of just a few microlitres. Other fields of application are, for example, bead dosing, sealing, dot dosing, potting and 2 component applications. These applications in particular call for high levels of precision, repeat accuracy and reliability.

    • short and easily accessible fluid path
    • self sealing displacement system
  • Encapsulating


    Encapsulating is the process of applying a fluid sealing compound to a small and define area on a component or on a surface. The sealing compound protects the electrical component both in transports and from environmental influences such as vibration, shakes, humidity, dust and extreme temperature.

    Other benefits include an improved electrical insulation, a higher safety against damage as well as a better chemical resistance.

Material examples

    • 1K Epoxy
    • 2K Epoxy
    • UV & light curing
    • anaerobic
    • toluene
    • sealing agents
    • heat curing
    • gasoline
    • high fill fluids
    • shear-sensitive adhesives
    • LED resins
    • flavours
    • thermal conductive paste
    • solder paste
    • RTV rubbers
    • silver paste
    • flux
    • biochemistry
    • chemicals
    • flavorings
    • industrial oils
    • perfume
    • cosmetics & medicines
    • biotechnical suspensions
    • silicones
    • grease
    • alcohol
    • MEK
    • Thermal grease
    • PU
    • brazing paste
    • paints & inkls
    • primer
    • acetone
    • epoxy resin
    • electrolytic solutions
    • oil
    • semiconductor
    • gasoline
  • 2K-Application


    In the two-component application the eco-DUO450 and eco-DUO600 shines with the unbeatable dosing characteristics such as dosing accuracy of ±1 % and a reproducibility over 99 %.


  • We test the products and approve them
  • We will help you to choose the right metering components and small dosing device
  • We publish all tested media on this site with manufacturer approval
  • We test your products or application together live via video conference