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ViscoTec Germany is situated in the Upper Bavarian district of Altötting within the “Bavarian Chemical Triangle” that is formed by the counties of Altötting, Mühldorf and Traunstein.

The town of Altötting has been a well-known pilgrimage site for over 500 years, sought out every year by people from near and far to venerate the Virgin Mary. Pope Benedict XVI called Altötting the “heart of Bavaria” due to its geographical location between Munich, Passau and Traunstein. The heart of the town itself is the “Black Madonna” inside the Chapel of Mercy (Gnadenkapelle), which stands amidst baroque buildings and has attracted visitors from all over for hundreds of years.


Mühldorf, one of the oldest towns in Bavaria, achieved wealth and prosperity through the salt trade on the river Inn, which is clearly reflected in its magnificent house facades. However, endless conflicts over this area as well as the influence of the Salzburg sovereignty also left their marks. All that remains as testimony to Mühldorf’s eventful history are some grand castles and monasteries as well as diverse examples of architecture and craftsTöging am Inn manship.


If you wish to enjoy the panorama from the top of the longest castle complex in Europe, then Burghausen is the place to visit. From the castle you have an excellent view of the historic Old Town and the River Salzach that forms the natural border to Austria.

Journey back in time on one of the historic wooden boats (“Plätten”) which were used traditionally to transport the “white gold”.

Jazz Week in Burghausen is a popular event that attracts thousands of jazz fans to the town each year.


Just some of our Pumps

We offer a variety of pumps inluding but not limited to:

Progressive Cavity,Eccentric Screw,Positive Displacement,Piston Pumps,Gear pumps,Dosing Pumps ,Metering Pumps

Company Management

We are all the more pleased to be able to provide our employees with stability, security and, therefore, quality of life. We owe our success to our employees, who are a company’s most valuable asset. At all levels and areas they have shown commitment and motivation towards the well-being of the company.

Employee Benefits

One of the main reasons for ViscoTec’s success are our enthusiastic, conscienscious employees, who are dedicated to doing a good job. In return for motivation and effort, our interesting range of services offers something for everyone.


Our service is not limited to the delivery or successful startup of your product. If you have technical inquiries at any point during and after completion of your project, please feel free to contact us.

Our spare parts centre and excellently equipped factory will guarantee you a fast and reliable service should you require assistance or repairs.