We are your professional partner for the aeronautics and astronautics industry. With our dosing systems you will have a perfect component in your production process. We have put together a summary of some industry-specific examples to show you our areas of application.

Market, Materials and Processes

Modern aerospace structural design demands the use of high performance and lightweight materials. As fuel costs rise, the need to reduce airframe weight increases. In addition Aerospace component production processes are getting leaner. Manufacturers can guarantee customer first time quality and meet aggressive on time delivery schedules through the use of precise and repeatable automated equipment.

ViscoTec suits the growing needs of Aerospace with its unique technological advantages, personal experience, and customer responsiveness to novel needs and applications.

Our equipment is capable of efficiently processing materials that are traditionally difficult to handle – pasty consistency, thixotropic, highly viscous and highly filled with hollow glass and polymeric microspheres.

ViscoTec offers a broad range of system solutions to answer the growing needs of the industry.

    • 2-Component polysulfides
      Wet wing fuel tank sealing

    • Liquid shimming, bonding, filleting
      of aircraft structures

    • Low density, highly filled pasty materials

    • Molding and sealing of aircraft fasteners
Integrated Systems

ViscoTec strives to advance the technological state of the industry. We have successfully incorporated our products into complete systems that target specific Aerospace industry needs. Several are listed below. Utilizing our technology and industry partnerships, we intend to reduce aircraft weight and streamline manufacturing processes.

    • ViscoTec Sealing

      • 2-Component mixing on a Rail System located along station or butt line of aircraft.
      • Operator points dispenser to point of interest and pulls pistol-grip trigger to dispense material.
      • ViscoTec machinery removes material from pail and delivers to the dispenser to dispense on demand.
    • ViscoTec Shimming

      • 2-Component Highly Viscous Shim material mixed on demand Just-In-Time.
      • Mobile Cart to position near operator in work cell.

    • ViscoTec Shimming

      • 2-Component Stationary Highly Viscous shim material mixed on demand with a large mixing ratio.
      • 55 Gal. Drum used for Base, 5 Gal. Pail used for Accelerator.
    • Visco Shimming

      • 2-Component Stationary Low Viscosity manual adhesive application system.
      • Base and Accelerator components are gravity fed to dispensers that deliver material to operator.
Unique Tailored Solutions

The aerospace industry is one of closely held trade secrets and customized materials. Often our customers require tailored system solutions for unique and proprietary materials and processes. We welcome the challenge and encourage an open dialogue to discuss opportunities. Our in-house engineering and R&D team has an extensive knowledge base from which to develop a solution.

Our exposure in the industry throughout the supply chain, from material formulators to OEM part suppliers, affords the opportunity to develop a broad view of the needs of our customers.

We look forward to working with you!


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