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Wherever food is processed or handled it is essential to maintain a high degree of cleanliness of the workplace. This not only means the removal of visible dirt, but also the elimination of “invisible” contamination. Foodstuffs can be changed by a wide number of different microorganisms. Some changes are welcome, for example, when special molds are used in cheese production or bacteria to make yogurt. However, some of these microorganisms, invisible to the naked eye, can cause a great deal of harm.

For these reasons food plants in particular have to be kept scrupulously clean. This is governed by laws and regulations. The description “hygienic design” has arisen out of this context. The law prescribes the design-related optimum cleaning and cleanability of all food contact surfaces. To avoid having to dismantle all the component parts, cleaning in place (CIP) can be used. This cleaning process consists of several stages that differ according to the application. A typical CIP program for CIP pumps could be as follows:

  1. rinsing with water
  2. cleaning with detergent
  3. rinsing with water
  4. cleaning with acid
  5. rinsing with water

For a CIP clean in place system, CIP pumps or quick clean pumps to function, several criteria have to be met. The most important factor is the flow velocity. This always has to be greater than 2 m/s. The given turbulent flow allows the equipment walls to be scoured “mechanically”. Further important parameters are temperature and concentration of the cleaning agents as well as their duration of use. In practice tenside solutions (usually NaOH and HNO3) of temperatures between 60°C and 95°C and concentrations of 0.5% to 3% are used.

The equipment, piping and machinery to be cleaned should, as far as possible, be free of dead spaces and have good rinsing properties. The surfaces must also be as smooth as possible as dirt, product residues or organisms are easily deposited in cracks and recesses. It is essential that weld seams are smooth and the rough­ness factor of the product contact surface is below 0.8 µm (the RD hygienic pump series has a roughness factor of 0.4 µm!).

The cleanability of equipment can be determined by testing in compliance with EHEDG* guidelines. This method assesses the design structure of components or unit parts with reference to a straight pipe with a defined surface roughness (e.g. k = 0.8 µm). The food safeness and compatibility of materials and installations are often analyzed according to FDA** specifications.

In cleaning applications where very high hygienic standards are required, a single cleaning system is run for one product stream to avoid cross-contamination. Where most stringent hygienic standards apply, sterilization (Sterilization in Place) can take place after the cleaning process. This is achieved with the use of chemicals, but is generally avoided nowadays due to increasing costs and environmental awareness. Another method of sterilization is the steam treatment of an installation. In this case the success of the sterilizing process depends on the steam temperature and the duration of treatment. Currently, sterilization is carried out at 125-145°C for a duration of 10-30 min using saturated steam (2.32 - 4, 16 bar).

In conclusion, it should be noted that in all our ViscoTec food pumps only FDA-compliant parts are used for media contact. In addition, the dosing pumps of the RD series passed the EHEDG-test by the University of Munich-Weihenstephan at the beginning of 2000.


All ViscoTec food pumps of the VFL and RD series can be cleaned by means of a CIP circuit or SIP-sterilized by saturated steam.

* European Hygienic Equipment Design Group

** U.S. Food and Drug Administration


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