You simply want to convey a product from A to B? Or add a medium to another process (filling, product stream, mixing) in continuous operation? In product transfer or feed processes, dosing plays a secondary role. Here we are primarily concerned with the continuous conveying of medium or ensuring that it is available in sufficient quantities. Perfectly functioning technology is also essential here for all processes to continue smoothly.



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The following examples show how customers profit from our know-how:


Transfer of sauce from mixer into a tank

A producer of deli foods mixes a basic sauce with a flavoured marinade to create a ready-made sauce. After mixing, the sauce is transferred into a holding tank. Since the sauce now contains small solids (flavourings and minced meat), the gentlest possible conveying of product is required.


Conveying of jam from containers into storage tank

The customer, a large bakery, requires the gentle transfer of jams from 1000 l containers into a small storage tank, at a flow rate of 15 l/min. Since there are different types of jams, their properties vary accordingly. A conveying pump is installed on a mobile frame so that it can operate at various points throughout the bakery.


Transfer of yogurt from a mixing tank

At a dairy, the customer wants to add a fruit-based component to natural yogurt in a tank, as part of a special mixing process. The end product is then fed to a filling system via a buffer tank. Pumps are used for the transfer of product from the mixing tank to the buffer tank and also for feeding to the filler. Since the yogurt contains solid pieces, pumping has to be extremely gentle. CIP-cleaning takes place after production.


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We offer a variety of pumps inluding but not limited to:

Progressive Cavity,Eccentric Screw,Positive Displacement,Piston Pumps,Gear pumps,Dosing Pumps ,Metering Pumps

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