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Preparation Systems ViscoTreat


Preparation Systems ViscoTreat

Smooth container changeover and preparation of medium, if required, by means of agitation, circulation and degassing: The ViscoTec Preparation Systems of the Series ViscoTreat ensure steady and reliable product supply uninteruppted by container changes, as well as optimal preparation of the medium for the production process.

Our product range includes the following preparation systems:

ViscoTreat Inline Degassing


This plant allows an even and reliable inline medium-supply with simultaneous degassing.

  • degassing of viscous and high-viscous media
  • constant degassing at restart due to recirculation
  • adjustable input-pressure to the dosing system
  • integrated material buffer
  • integration into existing systems is possible
  • valve-free pump system
  • succ-off directly from the vacuum - no ventilation required




ViscoTreat-H Preparation System

The ViscoTreat-H hydraulic accumulator is usually integrated in the line between product feed and dosing pump and acts as a compact buffer tank. It enables container changeovers without production interruption and ensures a constant input pressure with sensitive media.

  1. Sizes: 150 ml and 300 ml







ViscoTreat-P Preparation System

ViscoTreat-P is a device that buffers high viscosity media at dynamic mix - applications and to joint ViscoTec dosing technology to other conveying pump systems.
Advantages, e.g.: Balancing of pressure fluctuations in the material supply to a constant level.

  1. effektive buffer volume: 25ml






ViscoTreat-R Preparation System

The ViscoTreat-R preparation and feed system offers smooth product feed and preparation by simultaneous agitation and circulation of the medium.

  1. Content: 15 l
  2. Viscosities up to 50.000 mPas
  3. Flow rate: 0,03 - 2,2 l/min







ViscoTreat-Inline Preparation System

This system ensures a smooth and reliable inline material supply with simultaneous degassing.

  1. Container content: 3 l
  2. Viscosity: up to 1.000.000 mPas
  3. Flo wrate: 30 - 500 ml/min







ViscoTreat-L Preparation System

The ViscoTreat-L preparation system was developed particulary for the degassing of soldering pastes.

  1. Container content: 15 l
  2. Viscosity: up to 1.000.000 mPas
  3. Flo rate: up to 500 ml/min






Your medium requires special handling and you wish to optimize your production process? We would be pleased to develop a customized dosing system solution for you. Just let us know!



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